The Fall


Revelries abound in the city streets

Chaos trumps order and this you adore

Benedictions fall from your lips

And you preach spirit and truth

Even as your hands drip red and

Stain irrevocably all that you touch

The smell of smoke in the air thickens

But you do not cease. Never do you cease

Even as the earth shakes beneath

your mortal bodies, you feel not regret

There are cracks in the horizon and

As time lapses, cracks you cannot balm

Become fractures.

Become fissures

Your people are blinded by the haze of their vices

Intoxicated by the wrongs they deem right

Pitiful facades are your flimsy defenses

Your people tin soldiers that you let fall

Once fruitful gardens now barren, neglected

And flowers massacred on madmen’s whims

Heresy abounds in your false haven

And borne are sins that stain the dawn dark

A specter lurks in the shadows still

Ghostly remains of your once grand legacy

Light so sequestered in your ashen skies that

No champion of hope remains, do this you adore?

Now be forsaken!

Now be forgotten!

In the bowels of humanity will you claim death

As the collapse of the heavens occurs by your hand

O time, bear witness to these venomous fools

Who revel as dust their city enshrouds


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